Welcome to the Probably Asked Questions. Here we try to predict questions you might ask and provide answers for them in advance. It’s a fun game.


Before we get to the questions though, and before you contact us, please keep two rules in mind.

Rule #1: All of us, every contributor and every artist, are volunteers who do the work required to make this fan expansion a reality in their spare time, for free.  We are not professionals. We are putting time, work, and money into this, and we are not making any money off it. This work is not our job, and it doesn’t take precedence over our jobs or anything else we deem more important. Please keep this is in mind when you form an opinion of our work, or when you feel like you can expect certain things of us.

Rule #2: It’s your game. Do whatever you need to make it fun for you.


Q: How can I get in touch with you, ask questions, give feedback, etc.?

A: Please contact us at We’ll be happy to know what you think of Forever War! Please understand that we might not reply though, or that it might take us some time to do so. Also, if you have any questions for us others are asking too, we might address them all in one go in some form eventually rather than reply individually.


Q: Will you publish more packs?

A: We will try to.


Q: When will you publish the next pack?

A: When it’s done. Please don’t ask when it’ll be done, or what will be in it.


Q: Will you publish cards for the neutral races too?

A: We very likely will, eventually.


Q: I’ve read the rules supplement, and I think you’re wrong about how a card works. What do I do?

A: In some cases we’re exploring unknown territory because cards have effects that haven’t been in the game so far. With that in mind, some very rules-savvy minds have pondered these cards and their workings, and we have tried to word them well. In the rules supplement, we’re telling you how we think the cards work, and how we, the creators, want them to work. If you insist on a different interpretation, play the cards however you want. See rule #2. You’re also welcome to contact us and tell us why you think we’re wrong, and if you’re right, we will address the issue.


Q: I’m an artist. Can I provide illustrations for you?

A: Maybe. Please contact us at with some samples of your work. Please understand in advance that we cannot offer any compensation.


Q: I have ideas for cards too, can I send them to you?

A: We mean no offense, but please don’t. We have a lot of ideas ourselves. We’re sure yours are great, but we don’t want this to turn into a big mess where people get upset because we didn’t use their idea, or where there are fights because we changed a card draft or multiple people had similar ideas, or where there could be any kind of trouble over who “owns” a card idea, or anything, really. For these reasons, and not because we have a bad opinion of you or your ideas, we won’t look at any ideas you send us, so please just don’t.


Q: I want to publish my own fan expansion! Will you help me?

A: No, because we’re really busy with our own and everything else in our lives. But good luck!