Battle Pack 1: Death Night (US letter format)
Battle Pack 1: Death Night (A4 format)
Battle Pack 2: Dragonflight (US letter format)
Battle Pack 2: Dragonflight (A4 format)

The contents are exactly the same, there’s just more space between the cards in the A4 version. Get the format your printer can handle (printers that can do A4 can do US letter, but not necessarily vice versa). If both are fine, get the US letter format for less cutting work if you have and can be trusted with precise cutting tools. If you’re clumsy and going at it with basic scissors, get the A4 version. If you need the US letter format and are clumsy, good luck! The Forever War Team is not responsible if you cut off your fingertips. Or an ear.


Forever War Rules Supplement 2.0

We have tried to anticipate some questions some of you might have and provide clarifications. Hopefully, these short explanations will help you understand how the cards work. If you still have questions, please contact us at